Boho Chic Bedroom Haul

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After living in my flat for about 6 months now, I decided it was high-time I decorate my bedroom to give it a more homey feel. I’d been scrolling through pinterest for months, looking at all things bedroom related and made a list of what I wanted to include in my own haven. Since I went on a bit of a rampage a couple of weeks ago and spent about £100 on items for said room, I thought I’d do my first ever ‘Haul’ post. So without further ado, here are the new features of my ‘Boho Chic’ bedroom…




This first image is what you would see as you open the door to my bedroom, I added two plants (both from Dobbies Garden Centre and costing about a fiver each) to introduce some life and greenery to the room.






If you then turned to your right, this is what you would see! I opted for some plain grey, soft bedsheets from Primark as I wanted the base of my room to be neutral, with other features introducing flashes of colour.





On the windowsill, I added this plant to add some colour to this area but also to ensure it gets enough sunlight. I also have two candle holders from IKEA and some fairy lights strung around in a figure of eight to add some subtle light in the evenings.



A friend of my mum’s gave me this bookcase for free as she was throwing it away anyway. I hope to add a white bookcase at some point (to match the bedside table that you will see in a sec) but that will have to wait for another payday. On this bookcase, I have a few ornaments, my TV, my laptop and some spare candles. I also store the books I have already read – don’t worry, I’ve read much more than two books in my lifetime but I decide to start fresh from when I received the bookcase!





I bought this set of amber-tinted bottles from B&M Bargains for only £12.99. They are connected by fairy lights, which fill all three and look beautiful when turned on at night – another addition of subtle light to the room.




On top of the bookcase, I have added a peace lily as another addition of life to the room! I also have this small elephant ring holder, which is acting as a cute ornament until I have rings to rest on it.





In the corner of my bed, I have placed an old, neutral rug that has been in the family for years. I have ordered a brighter rug for the floor so I thought this could work as a type of throw to liven up the bed a bit and I love the result! This is the main part of my bedroom that remains unfinished as I would like to add a series of colourful cushions to the bed and hang some fairy lights on the bare wall you can see and attach some of my favourite photographs to them with pegs.





To the right of my bed sits my bedside table – a plain white table comprised of two cubes – which I also got from B&M Bargains and cost me only £9.99! On top of it, I have sat a brass, industrial-feel lamp from Dunelm Mill that happens to be the most expensive addition to my room – setting me back £35 – but is also one of my favourite features.




I have also placed this antique-looking clock (also from Dunelm Mill and costing only a tenner) on top of the beside table. However, since I am such a light sleeper, I cannot bare the sound of its ticking and have removed the batteries. It is, therefore, more of an ornament than a practical piece.


On the top shelf of the bedside table, I have placed this adorable Buddha candle holder that I got from B&M Bargains for only £2.99! I also keep my glasses here when I’m not wearing them, a notebook for when I need to jot thoughts and ideas down and the current book I am reading as I tend to read in bed at night before I go to sleep.


I appear to have lost the final photo I took of the bottom shelf of this table but all you need to know is that it holds my ‘To-Read’ books, which currently consists of the Bourne trilogy as well as some other classics.

So, there you have it – my new boho-inspired bedroom! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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