NYC Travel Diaries: What I Bought

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After rambling on (bragging) about everything I did in my first two days in New York, I figured I’d give you something that might be of a little more interest today. As days three and four were filled with one of my favourite pastimes – shopping – I thought I’d divulge everything I bought in those days. So here goes…




First of all, I made my way to the Levi’s concession in Macy’s and bought these two basic tees that I have had my eye on for as long as I can remember. Best of all, they were on offer and I got them for only $20 each!





Also on offer was this Levi’s hoodie! They only had the XL left but that’s perfect for me as I love an oversized hoodie that I can cuddle up in on cold nights in my flat. This one was $40 down from $65!





We then headed to Victoria’s Secret where I went on a bit of a spree. Having never bought anything from VS before, I thought it was only fair that I treat myself. First on the agenda was this khaki cropped sweatshirt at $35.





I then picked up these two pyjama tops, which were on a 2 for $36 offer. They are honestly the comfiest PJ tops I have ever owned and I’m already obsessed with lounging around in them. In fact, I’m wearing the white one right now as I type this.






Then we get onto the exciting stuff…underwear! And who doesn’t love a bit of Victoria’s Secret underwear. These bras were on a 3 for $60 deal, which I couldn’t believe and just had to take advantage of. I also got pants to match each bra, which you can see below.






As if I hadn’t already found enough deals in that wonderful shop, their pants were on a 5 for $28…I know right. Amazing! As I only ever wear thongs, since I tend to wear tight jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses and hate the dreaded VPL – and also because I think they are the comfiest pant-type known to humanity! – I decided to buy 10. First of all, I got these jersey material ones…






…then I picked up these seamless ones.







It was a day of firsts for me as I headed to Calvin Klein, another brand I had never before bought anything from. Having always thought that their underwear sets were beyond hot, I picked up a couple. First this grey bralet set…




Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 16.49.55




…then this black sports set. I mean, come on, how gorge are these?








Since their pants were also on offer – 3 for $33 – I took full advantage of this too. I picked up the white ones to work in conjunction with the black and grey above and then I picked out three more ordinary thongs.






Next I wanted something to always remind me of New York. At first, I considered buying a baseball top, like the Yankees or the Mets. However, I concluded that those were things I would never wear, whereas this T-shirt style top would go nicely with a pair of skinny jeans and I am sure I will utilise it fully.



Finally, I headed to Sephora to pick up a couple of make-up products. It may be shocking to some of you that at the age of 22, I’ve never done this before but…I bought an eyeshadow palette – the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I also bought a set of mini lipsticks from Anastasia Beverley Hills and cannot wait to try them out!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 16.14.23

So there you have it, everything I bought in the Big Apple! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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