NYC Travel Diaries: Day 2

Before I get going on what I did on my second day in New York, if you haven’t already read about Day 1, you can here.

We began our day by walking along Fifth Avenue, passing the likes of Henry Bendel, Tiffany and Gucci. We headed all the way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a classic Gossip Girl moment: sitting on the “Met Steps”.

Next, we walked through Central Park and stopped at the Boathouse (reminding me ofΒ 27 Dresses amongst other movies and tv shows) for a coffee and muffin as a quick breakfast. We then headed to Bethesda Terrace and Fountain for more Gossip Girl nostalgia, including the steps that Blair raced down in order to marry Chuck Bass, eek!

We then made our way to Wollman Rink at the front of Central Park for some ice skating fun to some great tunes before leaving the park for the day.

A final Gossip Girl moment saw us visiting Chuck’s Empire hotel, even taking a peak inside to see that the decor is exactly the same as in the tv programme – as you can imagine this led to much excitement!

We arrived at Rockefeller Center at 4:20pm in time for our chosen slot – that which allowed us to witness the sun set over the city. There are no words to describe how beautiful those views were and I can’t imagine a view ever competing with it for the spot as my favourite.

Finally, an unexpected event that turned out to be the highlight of the day! As we made our way back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, we passed a Prive Revaux sunglasses store and spotted a commotion inside. Thinking it was a private event, we pushed our noses up against the glass to see people dancing and trumpets being played amongst other musical instruments. Next thing we knew, the security guard was beckoning us to come inside. That’s when I noticed. Jamie Foxx was there, mic in hand, singing and dancing for the crowd. He was in the city for the Grammys and was doing this surprise event as he is an ambassador for the Prive Revaux brand. Therefore, we spent a good hour getting up-close-and-personal before each purchasing a pair of sunnies (at a bargain price of only 30 dollars). The phrase ‘A Night to Remember’ never rang more true.


Bethesda Terrace #GGmoment


Bethesda Terrace


Central Park


Central Park


The Empire Hotel


Top of the Rock


View from Top of the Rock


Jamie Foxx



13 thoughts on “NYC Travel Diaries: Day 2

  1. Hiro says:

    Wow! A surprise cozy concert! What a treat!!
    I’ve lived in NYC for the past 4 years, but I FINALLY found Henri Bendel’s actual store only few months ago… I was never able to actually locate it before. And I was so surprised at how large it was! The nightfall photo is so amazing. I have gone up once all the way to the roof at night, but never sunset! Now I feel like it’s an experience I need to have!!!

    Hiro |

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