NYC Travel Diaries: Day 1

My first day in the Big Apple was a fun-filled, action-packed one. We began by walking from the hotel to Tick Tock Diner, which immediately satisfied my need to see a proper American diner, complete with coffee pots, red booths and a menu filled with greasy food. I opted for the nutella-cookie crepes, which were TO-DIE-FOR, if a little rich. On the way, we passed the Empire State Building, finally making me feel like I really was in New York City.

We then made our way down to the Rockefeller Center and stood in awe at its height. Walking through, I was most excited by the knowledge that I was in the same building that Jimmy Fallon filmed his show in, being a huge fan of his.

Next was Times Square, where I must have twirled round and round at least ten times in order to take in the lights and technology I’d been staring at pictures of for years.

We then took the City Sightseeing tour bus around uptown New York. This is something I would hugely recommend if you’re visiting the city as the tour managers are wonderful and the information you are given about each thing you pass around the city is incredibly interesting. We eventually got off the bus at Ground Zero, a site at which I barely took any photographs as it was a place of such sorrow and those standing in front of the site smiling, frankly, disturbed me. One thing I will mention is that the idea to turn the spaces in the ground into fountains is one of pure genius as it turns a place of such violence and emotional turmoil to one of peace and contemplation.

We then mounted the City Sightseeing boat, taking in a beautiful view of New York from the water before getting up-close-and-personal with the Statue of Liberty.

As you can probably imagine, after everything we’d seen and done that morning, we were pretty ravenous. We, therefore, headed to Canal Street Market – a food hall offering various types of Asian cuisine. I opted for a tofu rice salad and dumplings.

We then headed back to the hotel for a bit of down-time before going for dinner at Blue Smoke – a restaurant I would recommend to all for its service and delicious food.

I’ll be following this up with how day 2 panned out soon but, for now, enjoy these photographs I took (and can’t believe I did, rather than downloading them from Google Images to use as my phone background like I’ve been doing all my life).


Empire State Building


Empire State Building


Tick Tock Diner


Rockefeller Center


The Tonight Show


Times Square


Times Square


Ground Zero


New York Skyline


Statue of Liberty


Canal Street Market



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